Treescape,  Man in Nature Series, Rogue River Series, and Letter in the Landscape Series

 Tree Series 26
Ellis spent a year in Paris, and during his first grey winter (having a need of California green), painted a seris based on tree forms. In his 1960 review of Ellis paintings, Jules Langsner described the work as a bountiful, vintage year. 
The The Man in Nature Series incorporates the same techniques as the Tree Series but is characterized by an abstract person appearing in the clusters in the background.
 Rogue River 2
In the fall of 1959, Ellis traveled to the Rogue River in Southern Oregon and produced a group of pastel drawings and paintings spanning the canvas with forms related to vegetation along the river. 
Upon his return to the Los Angeles area, Ellis was struck by the prevalence of the letters in the landscape that are seen on many billboards that are intrusions of the landscapes. Ellis found he could get the unused billboard sheets, and he collaged them directly on the canvas and created a loose landscape from countering the hard-edged letters..